Olive Green Console Testing with MetalJacket FG

It Started in the East Coast of Sweden
March 1, 2009
Canadian Test of MetalJacket FG
September 26, 2017

Olive Green Console Testing with MetalJacket FG

In August 2017, we took on a worst case scenario for MetalJacket FG by working on an old, chalked out olive green console to see how the product would react. First, the console was washed with Presta Hull & Deck Cleaner and then compounded with Presta PMC. It took two passes with PMC to bring a decent shine out on the surface. Normally, this extreme oxidation would have required wet sanding. After the compounding, SG was wiped on half of the console with a microfiber towel. The product added a glossy, wet look immediately. Our application was extremely easy and user friendly - even for a semi pro! The other half of the console was waxed with Presta UV wax.

Picture #1 is console compounded above rod holders
Picture #2 is no compounding showing level of oxidation
Picture #3 is no compounding showing level of oxidation
Picture #4 is post application of SG product after the compounding
Picture #5 is side by side of compounding and waxed vs compounding with SG protection

When these pictures were taken, the console had been sitting outside for 3 months. It still is holding its gloss and reflection. The top of the console, on the other hand, is non skid and had been very white with oxidation. The side with SG still maintains the color while the other side has returned to its chalky appearance.

There is no doubt that the SG MetalJacket FG would be an excellent choice for a medium oxidation level due to the short prep time and not needing to return surface to 100% perfection before applying!

Rob C. - Semi pro applicator