Olive Green Console Testing with MetalJacket FG
August 1, 2017
For the past three generations, we’ve been operating our marina on the east coast of Sweden. In early 2009, we were introduced to Imada Performance coatings and it changed our approach to polishing gel coat and painted surfaces. Instead of using different compounds and polishing, we did a regular cleaning followed by a single wipe-on with the MetalJacket FG which brought the gelcoat to a shine and depth of color that was better than new!

After cleaning, we treated a whole 23ft day cruiser in less than 30 minutes (see pictures)! The liquid solution, wiped on, saturated the gelcoat, converting the oxides by creating a glass-like shield with a luster we’ve never seen before. This coating became a solid, integrated material that doesn’t wash off with time like your traditional wax.

We’ve now seen treated boats looking great for several seasons, and only regular washing with mild soap and water is needed.

Patrik Hellman Arkösunds Varv & Marina