Canadian Test of MetalJacket FG

Olive Green Console Testing with MetalJacket FG
August 1, 2017
1988 Sunfish
June 1, 2018
This Canadian test of MetalJacket FG was done on a 2001 - 18 ft fiberglass Bayliner Bow Rider in the waters of Lake Winnipeg from June through September 2017. The boat was exposed to not only lake algae, but Zebra Mussels as well. Two coats of MetalJacket FG were applied on the entire hull up to the rub rail.

Above the water line, MetalJacket FG provided protection against oxidation. The real interest, however, was found below the water line and on portions of the motor which were free of Zebra Mussels. After being in the waters of Lake Winnipeg for 4 months, we simply cleaned it with a power washer and a ScotchBrite sponge pad which left the hull like new. Not only did the boat speed improve boat with MetalJacket FG from previous maximum speed of 41 mph to 45 mph, but it improved its fuel consumption as well.

No harmful cleaning chemicals were required to acquire this like new hull finish and it only took 4 man hours work time to achieve it. The product was professionally applied.

Ken L. - Boat Owner