1988 Sunfish

Canadian Test of MetalJacket FG
September 26, 2017
Bently pontoon boat after application
Bentley 2014
June 28, 2018
Another challenge for MetalJacket FG: a 1988 Sunfish stored mainly outside in New Jersey and Florida for years. It was waxed maybe three times over it's life!

The oxidation level was very chalky. These were the only steps taken to achieve the final finish you see below:

Step 1 - Wash with soap & water
Step 2 - Used green ScotchBrite pad to break the oxidation, then rinsed
Step 3 - Compounded surface with Presta PMC
Step 4 - Isopropyl alcohol wipe down
Step 5 - Applied coat SG MetalJacket FG

After about 45 minutes of curing, the first coat was absorbed into the gelcoat unevenly, meaning a second coat was required.

Step 6 - After 24 hrs, used dry a white ScotchBrite pad break the surface tension created by the MetalJacket FG
Step 7 - Isopropyl alcohol wipe down
Step 8 - Applied 2nd coat of MetalJacket FG
Step 9 - Receive Compliments

Stay tuned to see how coating performs over the next several months!

Rob C. - Semi pro applicator