– The SGM Difference –

Our proven, one-of-a-kind, proprietary technology creates an impenetrable shield from the inside out. This new, super-strong surface protects marine surfaces from harsh marine elements and prevents corrosion, erosion and fouling.

Safeguards your customer’s investment

Ensures impeccable-looking boats by protecting them during over-the-road transportation all the way to the dealership showroom and beyond.

Offers latest technology available

Offers proven European, cutting-edge technology that protects boats against elements in even the most brutal northern European, Mediterranean, Indian and Australian seas.

Creates a stronger surface

Alters the surface through chemical bonding at the atomic level, creating a new, stronger surface that won’t wipe off and lasts up to five years under the harshest marine environments.

Offers long-lasting beauty

Creates a beautiful, high-gloss engineered surface that doesn’t delaminate or discolor all the while protecting against marine corrosion, erosion and fouling.

Promotes environmental stewardship

Our formula doesn’t emit offensive odors and produces virtually no VOCs, protecting your employee’s well being. Once applied, our product doesn’t pollute the water or air.

Offers economical application, great value

There’s no need to invest in application equipment or expensive tools. Comes in recyclable, pre-measured containers with an application cost per square feet that’s lower than traditional coating products.

Provides easy maintenance for boat owners

Delivers peace of mind and hassle-free maintenance with minimal effort. Boats are easy to maintain and dramatically reduces the effort to wipe off algae, scum and other marine elements.

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